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Versahaul carriers’ compatibility depend on the type of vehicle and motorcycle. If you have concerns with the weight or type of your motorcycle, you may be able to answer your question by researching these cases we had with other customers.

QUESTION: There was no weight table for the VH-50cc. Using the VH-55 chart it gives a weight for my Vespa/4Runner of 233 lbs. Since the lever arm is 3 inches shorter and the VH-50cc weighs about 20 lighter, can I assume that I can carry my 246 lb Vespa?

ANSWER: People generally purchase the VH-55 RO carrier for the Vespas. This carrier isn’t that much more expensive than the VH-50cc but has a lot more features available. Like the towing feature and it can carry twice the weight. It also has a longer and wider rail to allow for a larger bike if you ever get something larger. We do not have a carrying capacity chart for the VH-50cc but it would weigh about 15 lbs less than the VH-55. REPLY: ….The question is the Vespa weighs more than the 233 lbs that the chart indicates for a level ride with the VH-55 carrier. Since the center rail on the VH-50cc is 3 inches closer to the hitch pin and since the VH-50 is 15 lbs lighter would it better handle the 246 lbs of the Vespa?  Would you please ask one of your engineers for their opinion to help me determine which to purchase. ANSWER REPLY: …..You will not be able to notice the difference in weight between the 2 carriers. The VH-55 is what Vespa owners have been purchasing and seem to prefer. The VH-55 has a completely adjustable rail, so you can move it as close to the vehicle as possible. The VH-50cc does not have any adjustment. The VH-55 RO is the best fit for you. The “RO” stands for ramp option if you do not order “RO”  then you will not get the ramp. Please see for other vehicle and hitch limitations that may apply.

By | November 4, 2013

QUESTION: I am interested in one of your racks for a dual sport bike. I have not bought the bike yet but am looking at them in the 400cc range. I have a 1991 Toyota 4×4 Pickup 22RE engine with a Draw-Tite hitch (currently not on the truck) rated at 600lbs from what the sticker says. I cannot find any pictures of around my year of truck with a carrier and bike on loaded up. I am wondering how much my tail lights will be obstructed with it all loaded? Is it common to add lights? Thanks.

ANSWER: I do not have any information for that year of truck.  Many people do add tail lights to the carrier. The tail light are sold in 2 models. The VH-TK or the VH-TK LP and the only difference in the 2 is the VH-TK LP comes with a license plate light as well. If your want to install your license plate behind the carrier then you must have a light on it. Many cases the license plate is blocked by the bike.  The VH-TK runs $46.00 and VH-TK LP runs $59.99 shipped within the continental U.S.

By | November 4, 2013

QUESTION: I have the VH 55 w/ramp attached to my motorhome carrying a 125 Yamaha Vino scooter (Works great!!!). I want to upgrade to a bigger Honda Reflex with a 60″ wheelbase. The rail is 71.5″ will this fit? I know your specs say no but it looks like it will?

ANSWER: We have had customers use the Honda Reflex on our VH-55 and it was very tight. We suggest using the VH-SPORT. The VH-SPORT has a longer rail allowing for the weight to be adjusted better on the rail. With the weight being mostly in the rear this carrier allows the weight to be further forward and closer to the main tube. Hope this helps.

By | November 4, 2013

QUESTION: My 2002 4wd Tahoe is not on your list. I would like to use a 2006 Hayabusa on it, I am still looking to find its weight, but can you tell me which ones that you offer I should use an an idea of their cost?

ANSWER: The VH-SPORT RO would be the carrier to look at. You can put 283 lbs on top of the carrier and your vehicle will still sit level. You can add more weight than the 283, but the more weight that you add you will begin to see the rear of the vehicle to start to sag. The suspension will begin to compress and you may see the vehicle riding rougher. The VH-SPORT RO will run $600.00 shipped within the continental U.S. You will likely need air bags or another type of suspension enhancement to be able to carry the weight of this bike that lists at 485 lbs. Please see for other vehicle and hitch limitations that may apply.

By | November 4, 2013

QUESTION: I am looking to put a scooter on my RV. Do you make a carrier that will allow me to put my Yakima 2 bike carrier into the tow hitch of your carrier? I want to bring my mountain bike and 300 scooter. My hitch is a class 3 500lb tongue.

ANSWER: Yes, our VH-55 RO has a 71.5″ long, 6.375″ wide rail and has a 500 lbs carrying capacity and the VH-SPORT RO has a 77.5″ long, 7.875″ wide rail and has a 600lbs carrying capacity Both carriers have the towing feature behind them to insert a bike rack. We do not sell direct so you will have to purchase through a dealer or online dealer.

By | November 4, 2013