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QUESTION: I have a model VH-3359 and I can’t pull a trailer behind the bike carrier. Can I change the main beam so I can pull a trailer?

ANSWER: That is just the batch # that you gave me. The model # is only on the newer carriers. If you do not have the towing feature then you must have a double motorcycle carrier. Our VH-55 and the VH-SPORT motorcycle carriers both have the towing features. The double motorcycle carrier extends too far out to tow and haul 2 bikes at the same time. You can only haul 1 bike and tow.

By | November 4, 2013

QUESTION: Would it be possible to order the VH-SPORT RO carrier without the standard front wheel stop and get credit towards the new VH-CHOCK? If not, how can I buy one? I don’t see the new chock listed with dealers.

ANSWER: The carrier is already packaged, so ordering a carrier without the wheel stop is not possible. Any of the dealers can order the VH-CHOCK for you. It is a newer item, so some may not have it on their websites yet. The VH-CHOCK- $139.99

By | November 4, 2013

QUESTION: Does this kit, allow me to go back and forth between one and two bikes? Is it designed to be just a one time change or can I reconfigure as my needs change every week. Week 1, I want to bring two bikes, week 2, only one.

ANSWER: The VH-Kit will let you convert your VH-55 RO single motorcycle carrier to a VH-55 DM RO double motorcycle carrier. The kit includes 1 additional rail, 1 wheel stop, and a longer main tube. You will use your current ramp and ramp tabs to mount to the carrier and the rear tie down tubes from current carrier will be placed on the additional rail. You will only have room for 1 set of tie down tubes per rail. If you want to only haul 1 bike then you can disassemble the carrier and go back to your current carrier.

By | November 4, 2013