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Some of our carriers allow a trailer or other hitch product to be attached behind the carrier. If you have a concern with this feature, you may be able to answer your question by researching these cases we had with other customers.

QUESTION: Looking into carrying a scooter at 200 lbs.while pulling a small camper at 2500 lbs with a 290 lb tongue weight. I saw a photo of one of your customers who had the scooter rack between the vehicle and the camper. I’d like info on this option. And is there a way to carry the scooter on the front of the vehicle if a hitch is mounted in front? My tow vehicle is a 2003 Chevy Silverado, 5.3V8, 4.73 rear end.

ANSWER: We do not recommend installing carriers on the front of vehicles. They are designed for the rear. Going up an incline can possibly damage the carrier or the vehicle. If you are looking at the VH-55 RO carrier you have a 500 lbs carrying capacity. Since your bike only weighs 200 lbs then you have 300 lbs of tongue weight remaining behind the carrier.  Please also check the vehicles carrying capacity and hitch rating.   If your vehicle has only a Class III hitch rated for 500 lb then you will not have enough capacity to carry the VH-55 RO 100 lbs, Bike  200 lbs, and support the Tongue weight 300 lbs.

By | November 4, 2013

QUESTION: I have an Aliner RV trailer that I would like to attach to the VersaHaul motorcycle rack. As I understand your information, that while the rack has a receiver hitch out the back side, it really isn’t intended to have a trailer with any tongue weight attached to it. Right? I could load the trailer so the tongue weight is pretty low. However, I’ve also read that for best stability in towing a trailer, it is advised that at least 10% of the trailer weight be tongue weight. What can you tell me.

ANSWER: Yes, you can tow a trailer behind the carrier. If you are towing a trailer with tongue weight then you should not exceed the carrying capacity of the carrier. So if you use the VH-55 RO carrier with a vehicle using a 500 lbs class hitch and your bike weighs 300 lbs and the Versahaul weighs 100 lbs then 100 lbs of tongue weight is remaining to tow a trailer behind the carrier.   Please see for other vehicle and hitch limitations that may apply.

By | November 4, 2013

QUESTION: I have a model Vh-3359 and I can’t pull a trailer behind the bike carrier. Can I change the main beam so I can pull a trailer?

ANSWER: That is just the batch # that you gave me. The model # is only on the newer carriers. If you do not have the towing feature then you must have a double motorcycle carrier. Our VH-55 and the VH-SPORT motorcycle carriers both have the towing features. The double motorcycle carrier extends too far out to haul 2 bikes and tow. You can only haul one bike and tow.

By | November 4, 2013

QUESTION: I have a F350 diesel and I need to haul my Honda CRF 250x (250 lbs) on a receiver hitch motorcycle carrier while keeping the tailgate of my truck down. Therefore I need the center of the tire rail on the carrier to be ~26″ from the face of the truck’s receiver hitch. I also need to tow a lightweight trailer (2,500 lbs) behind the carrier. The VH 55 DM seemed like it would work (I could use just the back rail) but upon closer inspection it doesn’t appear rated to tow. I see your VH 90 is rated for 700 lbs and has a 50″ tube. Based on this it would seem if I could get a VM 55 with a slightly longer main tube (say 35″-40″) with a receiver hitch on the end of it I could accomplish my goal. Do you have any ability to do something like this or have any other ideas/solutions you could offer?

ANSWER: The largest tube that we manufacture with the towing feature would be a 30″ main tube. This will be 6″ longer than the tube that comes with the VH-55. None of the longer tubes will allow for towing.

By | November 4, 2013

QUESTION: Can the towing cargo carrier be used behind a motorhome?

ANSWER: Yes, the VH-55 and VH-Sport carrier can be used behind a motorhome. You will not want to exceed the tongue weight of the carrier and whatever is being towed. If you  are flat towing do not exceed the 3,000 lbs flat towing. Visit for restrictions.

By | November 4, 2013

QUESTION: I’m looking to purchase a motorcycle carrier that will not only hold my bike, but will allow me to pull a boat at the same time. My bike is a Honda Shadow Spirit 750 (cruiser). It weighs around 550 pounds. The boat is 17.5 ft weighing around 1,300 lbs. I plan to haul all if this with a 2010 21 ft Coachmen Freelander RV. Do you have a product that will fit my needs?

ANSWER: The VH-Sport RO is the best option.  It has a 600 lb total carrying weight and a towing capacity of 3000 lbs. You will also need a bigger Class IV or Class V hitch that can support the combined weight of your bike (est 536 lbs), VH-Sport RO (111 lbs) and the Tongue weight of your trailer.  Also Coachmen frames sometimes do not extend far enough behind the Camper.  The hitch may not support this weight.  Check the hitch mount carefully.

By | November 4, 2013