QUESTION: I own a 2000 Chevy Tahoe 2-wheel drive. Your website says I can’t carry more than about 300 pounds on a VersaHaul on my car. Why? The Tahoe manual says it can carry 500 pounds tongue weight. So why can’t the Tahoe carry as much as the other trucks you have listed?

ANSWER: If your hitch is strong enough, then the next concern I have is your suspension. A 300 lb. load with a standard suspension Tahoe will tilt the car’s frame backwards similar to a trailer. With more weight, the rear suspension may compress completely. Auto ride suspension, air bags, and other suspension stiffing devices will increase your vehicle’s capacity to carry a load.

Unfortunately, the standard suspensions on Tahoes and other SUVs are not as stiff as truck’s with pick-up beds. It is important to follow our Recommended Carrying Capacity Chart to avoid dangerously overloading your vehicle.

Note: We have tested a 600+ lb. Polaris four wheeler on a VH-90 RO and a 2000 Tahoe. The Tahoe’s spring compressed completely, and it was difficult to drive. If your vehicle is equipped with Auto-ride suspension or air bags then you will be able to carry more than the carrying capacity.

By | November 5, 2013